How will we fall?

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“This work is simply another iteration of the climate movement’s plea for change, an attempt to echo and amplify the voices already crying out. It is commentary on the anxieties, hopes, urgency, and drive to action we must all share in this present moment. Now. Not tomorrow, not 15 years down the line. It contains impulses drawn from hunger, both a destructive, greedy kind and that which is buoyant, seeking, and yearning. This work is not meant to be alarmist, but blunt. Not despairing, but hopeful. It asks, how shall we fall? Because fall we will, in one form or another. But will we be consumed by our own complacency and willful ignorance? Or will we choose to go fighting—by tooth and by claw—and fall, fall, fall for our furies?”

-Olivia Etherton (’21), choreographer

Spring Dance Showcase 2021


The Wake Forest University Dance Company presents the Spring Dance Showcase 2021.