If you ever encountered Professor James Dodding, you never forgot him. Connected by our shared experiences, memories and affection for Mr. Dodding, each of us had the transformative experience of working and learning alongside his inimitable leadership and spirit in so many productions across the 80s, 90s and early 2000s.

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The support of nearly a hundred Theatre alumni has made it possible to fully fund and create the new James Dodding Scholarship for Theatre. In the fall of 2022, the first James Dodding Scholar will be named for the 2022-2023 year, and we will celebrate this historic tribute that will impact future generations of Wake Forest Theatre students in a remarkable way. We are so grateful for your partnership in this effort that honors the memory and work of our dear friend and mentor, Professor Dodding!

2023 Dodding Award

Click below to learn about the 2023 Dodding Theatre Award recipients—Vir Gupta (’24) and Riley Shanahan (’25).

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We’d love to hear your personal tribute to Mr. Dodding. You can share a favorite memory, mention a way he influenced your life—the mic is yours. Feel free to give a shoutout to fellow Dodding alumni and encourage them to participate.

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Questions or ideas? Please reach out to Beth McAlhany at mcalhabd@nullwfu.edu.

Memories of Mr. Dodding

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Honor Roll

Thank you to the following honor roll of generous donors for being part of this collective effort to honor Dr. James Dodding, our beloved Wake Forest teacher, mentor and friend. If we have made an error in this honor roll, please reach out to Beth McAlhany.

Craig (’87) and Tabitha Andren
Sharon Andrews
Amy Elizabeth Atwell (MA ’87)
Mike Baron (’92) and Jim Radford

Curt (’94) and Mary (’94) Beech
*Mary Lucy Bivins (MA ’85)
Daniel G. Bradley
Kim Braziel (’97)
Barnsley Brown (’88)
Kate (’90) and Michael Cadaret
Reid Carpenter (’94)
Michael Carter (’84) and David Rousseau
John (’85) and Cindy (’92) Cavanaugh
Sarah Cave (’89, P ’23)
Diane Chernansky (’91)
Eddie (’99) and Susann Childress
Jon Christman and Susan Fahrbach
Alisa Clancy (MA ’87) and Clint Baker
Colin and Krista Creel
J.K. Curry and Dan Bradley
Mike Huie (’84, MA ’93, P ’23) and Brook Davis (’90, P ’23)
Ian Davis-Huie (’23)
Christin Essin (’93)
Caroline (’85, P ’22) and Eric (P ’22) Fox
Erika (’87, P ’23) and Evan (P ’23) Friedel
Ginny (’82) and Christopher Furth
Lauren Gaston (’09)
Robert Stuart Gilchrist

Matt Gutschick (’06)
Chris (’87, MBA ’99, MD ’99) and Cindi Guy

Kyle Haden (’99) and Chela Sanchez
Shane Harris (’98) and Joseph de Feo
Carrie Hayes (’91)
Ann Haywood-Baxter (’95) and Richard Baxter
*Thomas Hollis (’80) and Ann Ralph
Peggy Irons (MA ’85)
McHenry and Meredith Kane
Rogan Kersh (’86) and Sara Pesek
Nick Kinder (’01)
Mike (’66, P ’96) and Carolyn (’66, P ’96) Kirby
John (’81, JD ’91, P ’16) and Catherine (’82, P ’16) Korzen
Victoria M. Langley
David and Kathryn Levy
Joyce (’93) and James Lewis
Tom Lewis (MA ’80)
Delta Lightner (MA ’90) and Scot Porter
Morgan Maloney (’11)
Kathryn and Ken Maroney
Hayes (’68, MA ’79) and Gail McNeill
Pidge Meade (’89)
Marissa Melton (’92)
Reid (’75, JD ’79, P ’13, P ’14, P ’18 MS, P ’19) and Elizabeth (P ’13, P ’14, P ’18 MS, P ’19) Morgan

Tom (P ’85, P ’88, P ’99 MD) and Ruth (P ’85, P ’88, P ’99 MD) Mullen
Wade Murphy (’00)
Richard Needham (’88)

Lee (’04) and Andrea Norris
Cambra Overend (’04)
Bo Perry (’98)
Don (’97, JD ’00) and Lynn Pocock
Melissa (’96) and Justin Ramb
Elizabeth (’77) and Jonathan Robinette
Bill (’78) and Cathy (MAED ’78) Rodgers
Bill Scheidt (’99) and Leah Roy
Jeff Schoenheit (’99)
Liz Shumate (’10)
Jeff and Christina Soriano
Emily Sparkman (’99)
*Diana Stegall (’88) and Richard Pollock
Brad Stephenson (’00, MDIV ’05, MAED ’06)
Ally Stokes (’86, P ’19, P ’19)
Sarah Storminger (’02)
Tricia Swart (’85)
Vivian Tedford (’83)
Josie (P ’83, P ’85, P ’90, P ’94 MA) and Harold (P ’83, P ’85, P ’90, P ’94 MA) Tedford
George and Barbara Trautwein
Mary Wayne-Thomas
Steve (’81) and Kathy Welty
Ed (’43, P ’91, P ’93 JD) and Emily (MA ’62, P ’91, P ’93 JD) Wilson

*gift given in honor of Dr. Harold Tedford

“I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks.”

James Dodding (quoting Twelfth Night)